We do not sell the fruitless olive trees  and here is why:

A lot of homeowners contact us looking for fruitless olive trees. 

These homeowners love the appearance of an old beautiful olive tree with its romantic, see thru canopy and large gnarly trunk however they are concerned about the olive fruit and think that a fruitless olive tree is the answer.  It would be ideal if you could find a 50-60 year old fruitless olive tree with this beautiful shape and gnarly trunk but that is not possible.

In regards to the most desirable feature of the tree the fruitless olive trees are very young, very small and generally have a 4 to 6 inch thick trunk vs our olive trees which are from 35 to 75 years old with trunks as thick as two feet which beautiful aged knurly shape.  The following are some sample pictures:

Additionally due to cooler climate in Southern California the olives don’t fully ripen and they don’t have the oil that is associated with olive fruit.  Similar to many other trees such as CA Pepper tree, Oak or ?? they produce olive berries but the berries are not oily  and juicy and don’t stain the sidewalk or driveways.