Please follow all of these directions to prepare the hole(s) for your Olive Tree(s) to ensure a successful transplant and healthy future for your tree(s).
These guidelines MUST be followed EXACTLY in order for us to warrenty the trees for 6 months.


To plant the olive tree you need to dig a large hole.


For  our smaller trees:

The dimensions are: 5’ x 5’ by 2 feet deep.


For  our larger trees:

The dimensions are: 5’ x 5’ by 2.5 feet deep.





Place a 4” thick perforated “U” shaped pipe inside the hole.  A perforated pipe allows the water to enter or exit through small openings along the length of a pipe.

To prevent clogging,  it is prudent to cover the pipe with a drain sleeve filter fabric sock.  Make sure the pipe reaches about 16” above the surrounding area.  The excess water will be collected in the drainage tube.  You need to check the level of the water in the tube to ensure that there is no standing water.  The excess water should be pumped out to prevent root damage.



Place about one foot of large gravel in the bottom of the hole. 


Allow about 24” of space from the gravel line to the ground level.  Our trees are grown in olive groves and dug out for transplantation.  As a result the depth of the root system varies from tree to tree.  To accommodate proper location of tree make sure you have additional gravel available to increase or decrease the level of gravel for optimal tree placement.


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